Exotic Blackjack for the Google Android and the Apple iPhone pits you against beautiful dealers in a high stakes match of 21 or Video Poker.

Please Note: This game uses rules similar to those found in the casino. It also uses a completely randomized stack of cards, based of the number of decks selected by the user. Video Poker, available in the Android OS, uses only 1 deck and is shuffled after every hand.

1LAMI$1000001790EBJ Cali for Android
2t$1000001760EBJ Kara for Android
3Leslie$999998299EBJ Kara for Android
4butter$1500000EBJ Kara for Android
5v$1000149EBJ Jenny for Android
6der$998749EBJ Jenny for Android
7mi$996629EBJ Cali for Android
8aptemc$902225EBJ Kara for Android
9aptemc$895250EBJ Cali for Android
10aptemc$893500EBJ Sara for Android
Current News
01/31/2010 (iPhone): New games with Kara and Tina for the iPhone! This paid app has racier and raunchier photos with their online gallery!

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